A Spicy Story

You can’t truly know Jim E. Jive Hot sauce without knowing Jim E’s origins.

Sometime around 2012, owner Jeff Taylor stumbled upon the persona of Jim E. Jive while goofing around with family during Halloween. Wearing a mix of costume pieces, including false teeth, Jeff transformed himself into Jim E. and had a blast embodying this new character. He amused himself by interacting with people in stores and restaurants, pretending Jim E. was real until revealing the trick with the removable teeth.

Jim E. became a regular comedic presence at gatherings and events, even making an appearance on stage during a Matilda musical scene in a community theater production! Jeff wanted to share Jim E. with the world, and when he started making hot sauces, he saw it as the perfect way to introduce Jim E. to a wider audience on a regular basis.

And of course, there’s the hot sauce~ that's also Jeff Taylor's brainchild. Jeff ventured into this flavorful journey in late 2020, initially making some sauces with multiple hot peppers that just didn’t hit the mark. Despite these early failures, he persisted, distributing experimental batches to friends for their honest feedback. Using their suggestions, he refined his recipes, meticulously perfecting each sauce before launching them to ensure the best quality rather than flooding the market with numerous options.

Jeff's dedication paid off and he has crafted unique flavors in an industry crowded with competition. He believes in his creations, continuously fine-tuning them until they reached their best versions. Rest assured that each bottle carries a piece of Jeff’s passion for flavor and heat.

Jeff and Jim E. have become quite the team. Jeff’s recipes bring the flavor and his love of music drives the names and spice ratings of the sauces, while Jim E. aims to bring his simplistic fun to the scene, aiming to lighten people’s moods from the weighty matters of daily life. If their team work brings a smile to your face, they’ve fulfilled their purpose!